Magali Lenarczak

Watercolor,  Yupo paper  and Mixed Media

Magali paints with watercolor on a synthetic paper called Yupo.

The pigments stay on the surface of the paper and the colors stay vibrant.

The watercolor glides creating unique and unpredictable textures.

She collects “found” objects that may be used as imprints, as well as homemade stamps "charging" the painting with the energy of that unlikely tool.

Her work is about emotional communication. Often hidden subconscious thoughts show up in her paintings.

She captures the essence and feelings through abstract and semi-abstract expressions rather than literal depiction.

Born in the Southeast of France, Magali lived in Barcelonnette, a small village in the French Alps. She gained her passion for the arts at an early age.

She moved to Roquebrune, on the French Riviera, continuing her education.

She met her husband while visiting the United States and they chose the Pacific Northwest to raise their two sons.

Magali is also a certified hypnotherapist, studied astrology, intuitive and spiritual disciplines.

Member of Northwest Watercolor Society, Evergreen Association of Fine Arts, Mount Si Art Guild, Women Painters Of Washington and Puget Sound Group Norhwest Artists.

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